1. Exchange rates

Exchange rates are available at

1.1 Rules of the exchange operations (terms of transfer)

1.1.1 Terms of transfer of funds (Client-> Exchange office):

Payments with Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex are transferred instantly.

Payments with Privat24 are processed by PrivatBank. Terms on average from 5 to 30 minutes. You can view the status of your payment in the archive of payments in Privat24. As soon as the status is “Completed” – your application will be executed.

Visa / Mastercard payments are processed by the bank. Dates from 5 minutes to several hours, in rare cases a few days, depending on the bank. Money may be debited from the card, but not delivered to our account. Application processing occurs ONLY after receipt on our map.

Please note that any application can go to hold, if there is a question about the legality of the commission of this.

The life of the application – 10 minutes from the date of creation.

1.1.2 Terms of money transfer (Exchange item-> Client):

Enrollment to Webmoney accounts, Yandex Money – instantly.

Crediting to QIWI account – from 3 minutes to 30 minutes (Exchange is done manually by the operator)

Transfer to Privat Bank card – from 1 minute to 3 hours. Term of transfer to the card depends on the work primarily Privat24.

Transfer to Visa / Mastercard – from 5 minutes to 1-2 days. Term of transfer depends on the bank.

All questions on the term of the transfer you can ask the online operator, as well as in technical support.

1.1.3 Refusal to exchange

If you decide to pay for the exchange, but decided to abandon the exchange. 5% of the amount of exchange in favor of the operator, for carrying out a manual return.

Payment refund is made within 24 hours after the form is compiled in the “Contacts” column

For each payment required 5%. Payments will be refunded or these rules will be ignored.

Bank Cards -> Any data should be refuted, if these rules are ignored or returned – there will be a return according to the rules of tariffs of returns.

P2P payments from extraneous banking or payment systems that do not appear in the exchange (in return) are NOT ACCEPTED

2. Decision of the situation: you indicated incorrect credentials

If you have the technical ability to cancel your payment, we will do it. The exchange office is not responsible for incorrectly completed application (specified details).

3. Regulations for solving problem situations

The solution to all problem situations occurs through the mail – The term of consideration is 3 working days.

4. use payment systems

All commission on request (Customer-> Exchange office) – payment with the sender

Customer exchange office – payment with the sender (i.e. exchanger)

We do not pay commission QIWI wallet, if the wallets do not receive the RF

5. Account Verification:

In order to exchange money with the cards, it was necessary to personally deal with the operator. Verification of identity for the exchange is MANDATORY.

6. Responsibilities of a Party.

6.1 In case of violation of the rules of access to the right, the rights of access to the site may be changed or limited. site features.

6.2 The user uses the site in the form in which they are presented, at their own risk. The site does not guarantee users to achieve any results of using the site.

7. Disclaimers

Offered goods and services are not provided by order of a person or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer system. We are an independent company providing services, and independently make decisions about prices and offers. Enterprises operating the WebMoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or fees for participating in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activities. Certification performed by WebMoney Transfer requires only our details for communication and identification. It is carried out according to our wishes, but does not mean that we are dealing with sales through the WebMoney operating system.